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Watch “Always More” “Just For Kicks” B-Sides with Noah Wegrich, Mitch Coleborn, and Nate Tyler

Remember Noah Wegrich’s “Just For Kicks” that came out on the start of January? No worries if you don’t because that was like four weeks ago (oh, hey, surprise by the way it’s almost February). Here’s a quick refresher: cold Northern California and South African surf, lots of airs, Noah Wegrich, Mitch Coleborn, and Nate Tyler. And I want to say Torren Martyn was also there as well. It’s a fun little twenty minutes to go back and revisit if you have that sort of time on your hands. But if you don’t that’s alright because here’s a four-minute cut of fresh material that didn’t make the original. Go on, there’s no reason you can’t sneak a viewing in before your office manager saunters by your desk during another one of his routine Monday afternoon check-ins. It’s not like anyone in your office is falling for your “just try to look busy and frustrated so nobody will bother me“ gimmick anyways. Seriously, you don’t think they’re all doing the same thing as well? –James Royce

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