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A Collab with meaning Union and Thee Teen-Aged present “Trust the Process” a powerful message and really sick clothing. And we see you, Ishod!

what youth recommends teen-aged x union trust the process

For a while, “collab” was a dirty word here. They got ridiculous and seemed to take advantage of our very human nature  (as do a lot of things we consume) and made us unite silly things. But we found one that has a story, a familiar face, great product, a party and Ishod Wair involved.

Thee Teen-Aged — a USA-made denim brand who caught our attention last year because of their story and founder Alyasha Owerka-Moore. A dude we chatted to about punk rock, zine culture, skateboarding and clothing. And now he’s partnered up for this collab with Crhis Gibbs, who’s higher end fashion’s it guy.

The collab is around a concept designed at reexamining what mainstream culture has long referred to as “rock n roll” (originally, a blues euphemism for sex) or “greaser style,” which were invented by black youth in the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. The collab is called Trust The Process and it debuts tomorrow in LA.

Check the vibe below and if you’re in LA and wanna take a closer look, they’re launching with a party tomorrow in Los Angeles. Check it out, and hi Ishod!

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