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Listen to Slaughterhouse Raw, unadulterated punk that’ll do your body good

what youth recommends slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse is a new punk band from Los Angeles, and their self-titled debut EP is so good I’ve been humming it under my breath for the last week. Which is a pretty funny thing considering it’s pure, raw, unadulterated punk. Have you ever hummed a punk riff under your breath before? Not to be confused with the rap group of the same name, these goons – Gaby Ramirez on vox, Taylor Ramirez on guitar, Eddie Cairns on bass, and Miles Gretsky on drums – have the energy and style to keep things bubbling, foaming even, like a volcano ready to spew. Crap Brand Manager and photog superhero Tony Accosta was at their very first show and sustained a minor neck injury. That’s actually a complete lie, but I like to imagine him headbanging incessantly while shouting “Meat is murder, Slaughterhouse is life!” So press play, and turn the volume all the way up. Blow your speakers out. It’ll do your body good. –Maya Eslami 

Slaughterhouse plays Harold’s Place in San Pedro on February 2nd. 

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