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The Volcom Pipe Pro Wasn’t Terrible Yesterday And that’s coming from us.

You ever fallen out of bed, kicked the bed post, spilt the toothpaste on your work shirt, then died in a car crash on your way to work? Well, yesterday’s Volcom Pipe Pro was nothing like that. Seriously, everyone’s charging. Noa Deane was pulling into suicide closeouts the other day, it was rad. It now all makes sense why the WSL wants to move Pipe to the beginning of the year. Especially after watching this. Anyways: the Volcom Pipe Pro. Watch the highlights. They’re all here. Well, at least from day two. It’s basically the weekend so no one will judge you for knocking yourself out to whatever little amusement gets you going on a Friday morning. Go ahead, just hit that little digital triangle. –James Royce

what youth recommends volcom pipe pro day 2

Photo: Ryan Chachi

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