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Stream Terri Terri’s New Album His self-titled debut drops tomorrow

It’s Monday. Back to that daily grind. Whether it’s on your board, in the waves or on the concrete, or in your car stuck in gridlock inhaling coffee, music will save your soul. And no one is dishing out soul saving jams quite like Terri Terri, the project of musician Mark Noseworthy. His self-titled debut drops tomorrow February 6th on his own label Temper Records, and today we’re streaming the whole thing ahead of the release, just for you.

“This album has come to serve as a collection of memories from my time in New York,” Mark said of his debut. Wildly expressive, with an intimate yet relatable feel throughout the expanse of nine robust tracks, Terri Terri was written and performed entirely by the musician alone (except drums), giving the album that much more of a personal touch.

I’ve since moved back to Los Angeles, but when I listen to these songs I am transported to my time living there over the past 3 years.  It was a formative time for me to be living in a new city without a community of people to fall back on.  It was inspiring to create a new existence.  This record shifts thematically between portrayals of being in love and the documenting of my inner dialogue and personal social commentary.”

I ran into Mark over the weekend at a show, and rumor has it he may be assembling a live band. So if you like what you hear, keep on eye on Terri Terri. We most definitely have ours peeled. –Maya Eslami

To pre-order Terri Terri which you should go here.

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