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What A Weird Feeling Or, how I learned to stop complaining and love the Volcom Pipe Pro

Alright, I’d hate to chew your patience away with some 3000-word contest breakdown here. Besides, there’s no need for that. That’s what video recaps and your opinion is for. But here’s the skinny: the Volcom Pipe Pro was epic. The waves looked fun some days. The waves looked terrifying on others. The waves were a bit of both on Finals Day. And 144 surfers got after it over the course of five days and the results were great. Noa proved he can hang (and absolutely kill it) in a jersey, Cam Richards dazzled, Josh Moniz won on a phenomenal backdoor bomb, and more surfers I have neither the time nor the word count to list name-by-name made serious impressions. In short, it was the best CT event of the year that’s actually a QS.

All the highlights from Finals Day are above. Below, the “Other Guys” commentary that may or may not feature our fearless leader, Travis Ferré.

Yes, I know we don’t normally talk about contests here. But we do talk about surfing you can sit back on your couch, crack open a beer, and enjoy yourself to. And this is just that. —James Royce.

And if you have a few extra minutes check out our Fairly Normal with contest finalist Cam Richards as well.

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