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Listen to Haley Heynderickx Some soothing hump day recovery music

what youth recommends hayley heynderickx i need to start a garden

Portland-based Haley Heynderickx may have a complicated last name, but her music is as easy and soothing and palatable as a glass of warm whiskey to get you through this hump day. Her debut album I Need To Start A Garden reflects that ease with songs of discovery, healing, and an unabating lust for life.

Regarding her song “Worth It,” which unfortunately is not a Missy Elliot cover, Haley says: “Gosh, this song is one of the oldest on the record. I was living in a house with six women at the time and attempting to pursue music as more than a bedroom act. In this, I was struggling to find confidence and purpose in it. Writing “Worth it” was a cathartic release at the time, just allowing myself to take up space and make as much noise as I could in our basement without driving my roommates too crazy. After several weeks, this song got carved out. It has been through a lot and it means something new to me each time I hear it.”

I Need To Start A Garden was produced and mixed by Zak Kimball at Nomah Studios in Portland, and features Lily Breshears on keys and backing vox, Denzel Mendoza on trombone, Phillip Rogers on drums, and Tim Sweeney on upright bass, an assemblage of instruments that lend an otherworldly harmony to the already gorgeous collection of songs. So press play, and wrap yourself inside their soft warmth.

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