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Watch “Homeland” A Sardinian surf trip with Leo Fioravanti

Fun fact, one of the best days of surfing I ever had actually went down in Barcelona. Seriously, I’m not kidding. It was right after an impressive summer storm and there were warm-water, six foot peaks up and down Barceloneta Beach for two days straight. Paired with the beautiful people, culture, and countless toes-in-the-sand bars it wasn’t the worst time. Without a doubt the best surf trip I’ve been on that I was neither expecting in the first place nor deserving of at all. Now, I’m sure no one cares at all about any of that but it’s proof that there are waves out there in the Mediterranean. And this neat little number from Leo Fioravanti provides further evidence of this fact. Here Leo surfs around his homeland of Italy on the island of Sardinia. Hit play and get ready for all sorts of whimsical trip planning to commence in your Monday daydreams. –James Royce

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