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Watch Tom Curren On The Occ-Cast Enough talking, let’s blade

Here’s a little change of pace if you, like me, have grown tired of rewatching Brendon Gibbens’ “Listen Now, Misty Dawn” section (17:07 mark for the sad and uninitiated) for the eighth or so time today. Tom Curren and Mark Occhilupo chatting on Occy’s interview-based, video, surf podcast thing that at 29 episodes in surely must qualify as a talk show by now (c’mon IMDB, step up your game and give Occy a listing). Everything from the early influence Tom had on Occy when he was just another excited Cronulla grom watching Tom from the sand to their competitive rivalry is covered. There’s plenty of retro footage of the two surfing against each if you’re feening for visual stimulation, also. Plus, Tom talks about his relationship with fellow California legend Dane Reynolds. Oh, and make sure to stick around until the end. There may or may not be something that involves Mark and Tom rollerskating — something Tom’s rather fond of doing — together.  Seeing Curren’s eyes light up as Occy pulls out his own pair of skates is worth the price of admission here alone. –James Royce

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