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Listen to: LUKAS IONESCO Watch his video (shot by Zack Spiger and edited by Blake Myers) for his first single “Sold My Life”

One of our own had a hand in this beautifully shot vid and new song, and it being love day and all, it kinda made us feel all warm and fuzzy. Watch this new video from Lukas Ionesco for his new song “Sold My Life.” And who the hell is Lukas you might ask? Well, he’s a movie star turned punk music maker, turned love song music maker.

Now he’s composed new songs and records it in New York, launching his new band Lukas Ionesco. The fun part of this song and vid is that it’s shot by Zack Spiger on beautiful 16mm film and edited by our very own Lizard of Summer Blake Myers. Check it out, and enjoy some pretty art and a good love song.



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