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From the Van: Wand Listen to their guest playlist

what youth recommends wand plum

Wand is touring through Europe right now, and it’s freezing cold. Ice on the roads, ice on the mountains, and ice on their minds as they trek from city to city, playing show after show to hot, sweaty rooms full of fans. When the shows are over, they’re back in the cold, trapped in the van for hours on end, thinking about that ice again. So while they’re there, we asked them to make us a playlist of some favorite required listening jams that keep them warm on those icy roads. And boy were we surprised. Aphex Twin. Alice Coltrane. Funkadelic. The Dead C. It’s about as eclectic as they come, and a little something for everyone. So press play, pretend you’re on tour, minus the ice, and cruise with Wand. –Maya Eslami 

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