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Listen to “Just Don’t” The white hot new from The Entire Universe

what youth recommends the entire universe just don't
Art: Natalie Bergman

The Entire Universe have a new single out in the, well, universe, and it’s the perfect pick-me-up for your return to the grind. Brace yourself, because Jeffertitti Moon, Eric Lodwick, and Evan Snyder are not fucking around. On new single “Just Don’t,” a steady, pulsing psych track with a fuzzed-out, wail of a lick that’ll make your spine tingle, The Entire Universe are on top of their game, and ready to knock you straight over.

“I recorded the song by myself in one day, on Christmas Eve actually,” said guitarist/singer Jeffertitti, whose honeyed vocals carry the song and the lyrics through the heavy, layered wall of sound complete with a keyboard chord laced in Manzarek carnival vibes. But holy shit that guitar wail. Do you feel your spine tingling?

Recorded shortly after at the Mother-Hit Connection in Echo Park, “Just Don’t,” is physically dropping on 7″ flexi in the U.K. via SuperFan Records, so snag one if you’re lucky. And catch these guys live this Wednesday at the Moroccan Lounge in LA. –Maya Eslami

Photos: Bobby Crush

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