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WY Premiere: Summer Twins Watch their new video for “Another Hit”

Summer Twins, the band formed by sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown, are dreampop rock ‘n’ roll at its best, glazed beneath the California sun for that extra easy shine. Inspired by The Ramones and the Donnas as teenage outcasts in their hometown of Riverside, CA, the Brown sisters created their own safe haven from the horrors of high school by writing songs and teaching themselves how to be a band. “Songwriting is my therapy,” Chelsea says, insisting that Summer Twins is not only her way of life, but also her way of coping with life. We fully believe in the power of music, especially when it sounds as sweet as this.

what youth recommends summer twins another hit

On new single “Another Hit,” their latest release since 2015, Summer Twins bring back their ’50s doo-wop blend of honeyed garage rock with a subtle bang. And the video, featuring the lovely ladies gazing into the camera selfie-style, is the perfect representation of their soft, warm style. So press play, and get ready to fall in love. –Maya Eslami 

“‘Another Hit’ was written about the early stages of a crush. I wanted the video to reflect that fun, light feeling and was into the idea of shooting it selfie-style like an Instagram story. We shot in Curitiba, Brazil on my android phone. We had just finished a tour there with the band Winter, who’s frontwoman, Samira, is partly from there. (Samira and her sister Victoria make an appearance at the end of the video). We shot this down the street from the house where they grew up.” –Chelsea Brown 

what youth recommends summer twins another hit

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