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WY Premiere: Kip Nelson Watch his video for new single “Mexico”

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kip Nelson sounds like a psychedelic trip down a salty wave with the sun high in the sky, guiding the way. His debut album Waves After Work incorporates thumping drums and reverbed guitars and just enough synth to get your blood flowing. Watch his new video for lead single “Mexico,” a warm breeze of a jam that’ll get your mind and body ready for summer.

“Every year around May or June it seems like a bunch of my friends head down to various spots in Mexico on these insane surf trips,” says Kip of the song. “I’ve never been, it sounds amazing… I’ve actually only been to Mexico once when I was a little kid. The lyrics are about what that trip might be like. As I wrote the lyrics I began to think about my girlfriend and the possibility of leaving the country with her, maybe never coming back. It was actually something we considered doing for a while. So this song is about those emotions and that sort of fantasy.”

Fantasy can easily become reality, especially with a song as motivation. So while you’re bracing the Southern California rain today, think of Mexico, press play on Kip’s track, and take a trip, even if it’s only in your head. –Maya Eslami 


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