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Watch “Pedro’s Bay B-Sides” Return to that tropical blue wedge with Eric Geiselman, Brendon Gibbens, Bryce Young, and Cam Richards

Vissla released Pedro’s Bay sometime around July last year. It’s one of those films about a band of hopeless romantics searching for the elusive perfect wave. It was a neat little watch and I’m sure you remember it. Anyways, here’s all the outtakes, behind the scenes shots, and action that didn’t make the final cut. Starring everyone from the original flick like Cam Richards, Derrick Disney, and Bryce Young. Brendon Gibbens and Eric Geiselman also. Feel that twinge of jealousy? Feels a bit like anxiety mixed with ennui perhaps? Yeah, that’s what watching  one of these really-good-surfers-enjoying-themselves-in-perfect-tropical-wedges numbers will do to you.–James Royce

And check out the recent “Fairly Normal” we did with Cam while you’re here as well.

We also did Afternoon Interviews with Eric and Brendon. Oh, and there’s For The Love with Derrick also.

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