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HUMP CLUB Your Wednesday music round-up with Maya Eslami

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Editor’s Note: We’ve taken note that most of us are relying on Maya’s music suggestions to expand our Spotify playlists, and we wanted a once a week one stop shop, and thanks to the success of last week’s sexually charged playlist “Spread” we gave it a sexy name. But hey, it’s also on Wednesday. So here you go, first edition of “Hump Club” you weekly music roundup. Get you Spotify account ready.—Travis 

In any given week, there’s an absurd amount of music that’s released into the ether. And before you can cough, it’s gone, only to be replaced with more new music. Constant creativity pouring out of fingertips in an accessible way is what we’re all about. But sometimes it’s nice to take a break, step back, and let us do the collecting for you in one go. Trimmed down, ready to be absorbed while inhaling coffee or sipping on a morning J. Maybe you’re about to cruise some waves, or maybe you’re about to strap into a desk and pound out some work. Either way, we cordially invite you to join our brand new HUMP CLUB, a mix of a week’s worth of music that caught our attention and should be distracting you from whatever else you’re trying to get done. All you gotta do is press play. –Maya Eslami

HALFNOISE’s New Video for “Flowerss”

Hand-painted stills. A killer track. Yes on so many levels. HALFNOISE is the project of Zac Farro (maybe you know him from Paramore, maybe not). His new EP Flowerss drops May 4th on Congrats! Records, and the first single “Flowerss” is now available in beautiful video format, animated and edited by Alex Kranzusch aka Ghostpoop. The description of his EP says it’s a blend of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, but I’m feeling a 90s indie psych thing going on. Listen and watch and decide for yourself.

Cheap Tissue’s Video for “Up My Sleeve”

LA’s Cheap Tissue will shred all over your face before you can even put your cigarette out, if you smoke that is, which you shouldn’t. Their new video for “Up My Sleeve,” off their self-titled debut, is proof that punk is surging through the spine of Los Angeles. And if you’re not feeling that tap, move out the way.

Cut Worms Announces Debut Album, Drops Video for “Don’t Want To Say Goodbye”

Cut Worms (aka Max Clarke) caught my attention last year with his early Lennon style vocals and Bob Lind harmonies wrapped up in a warm, soothing, folk indie package. His debut album, Hollow Ground, officially drops May 4th on Jagjaguwar, and you can hear a first taste with lead single “Don’t Want To Say Goodbye.” Another incredible hand-painted lyric video, animated by John Andrews.

Listen to No Vacation

No Vacation formed in 2015, but somewhere along their bedroom pop trajectory, things began to fall apart and they announced their “indefinite” hiatus. What’s that saying about letting dead dogs lie? Well, not this dog. No Vacation is officially a band again, with some lineup changes, and their EP Intermission is pleasant and captivating and will send you down a soul-searching spiral. They play Friday at The Hi Hat in Highland Park.

Domenico Lancellotti’s Video for “Asas”

I’ve been cruising hard on world music lately, and Brazilian singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Domenico Lancellotti’s subtle, languid samba-infused rhythms has me deep in a groove. Sure the video, a hand-held camcorder trip filmed by the musician himself, is a bit jarring, but the song is pure velvet. And considering Domenico has collaborated with legend Caetano Veloso, I’ll sip on anything he serves. His new album The Good Is A Big God drops May 11th on Luaka Bop.

And a throwback, because it’s Townes Van Zandt’s birthday today

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