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Listen to Mom and the Mailman Watch “Lizard” and catch his show Saturday at the Wayfarer

Mom and the Mailman is the brainchild of Long Beach native Malcolm Bennett, but something tells me Malcolm is really the brainchild of Mom and the Mailman. Sit with that for a minute, and now let’s go. The one-man-band, who Cukr describes as “fucking rad” and “super savvy on all aspects of music,” pulsates on running his own show, with nothing but a guitar, a jarring drum machine that’ll swirl your brain into spastic spirals, and the power of his writhing howl, all wrapped up in a brute womb of industrial metal mania. Mom and the Mailman’s self-titled debut dropped November of last year (listen here), and the video for single “Lizard,” a fluorescent nightmare of joy, is ready to be slurped. “I wanted the the story of this song to be told in the perspective of a truck driver,” says Malcolm. “Lizard describes the feeling of being swept off your feet by beauty, to then instantly be crushed by a sickening truth.”

Mom and the Mailman are playing Saturday March 10th at the Wayfarer with our dudes Distractor, so be sure to catch him in full thrusting glory if you know what’s good for you. The show is farmer themed, and the flyer encourages you to bring a shovel. We’ll be there with our scythes. –Maya Eslami

Malcolm and the Mailman play SXSW with Long Beach’s Drainage, check flyer for dates. 

Photos: Jonathan Ruiz

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