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Ear Candy: The Priests Because Iggy Says So

Photo: Kent Nishimura/ LA Times




I’m writing this while listening to the debut album Nothing Feels Natural by D.C. professional badasses Priests, and it’s taking everything in me to not get up and dance like everyone in this cafe isn’t watching. Catchy but complex powerful punk melodies serve as the perfect soundtrack for not giving a shit. Earning recognition from Iggy himself, this album sounds like ditching your day job and having so much fun that you lose track of time.

The album released on Priests’ own label Sister Polygon lays wit on surf punk guitar riffs, lawless punk bass lines, and Katie Greer’s indestructible vocals. She told us how the band talks about achieving the perfect feel, “We love movies and often when we’re writing songs we describe how we feel the vibe might be in cinematic terms. For example, writing Lelia 20 there was a lot of conversation about like ‘Okay imagine it’s like you’re in a car driving the fuck away from a tornado and it’s chasing you.” Thankfully, I feel fully prepared for this real life situation after tuning into this groovy punk jam.

The band just played Coachella and let us know that it’s been “decadent depravity (haha) it was actually pretty amazing yesterday.. I mean, we love festivals because we love seeing live music. Can’t really ask for anything better than Beyonce, Chic, Haim and David Byrne all in one day.

If you didn’t see them there, it’s not too late. They’re on tour and will be playing around town with Franz Ferdinand so be sure to catch these rising punks tear it up at your local jaunt. -Karina 


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