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WY: How was that trip with Ford [Archbold], and Tom [Carey]? 

My trip with Ford and Tom was sick. Ford’s sense of humor with Tom’s
energy is a funny combo!

You’re coming off some serious injuries. But you look like you’re in good form. How’d you get hurt? 

On a Billabong Bloodlines trip in Bali, I did an air and landed badly. I caught my toe on the pad and broke my toe. It was so painful that I didn’t pay attention to the pain in my knee. After my toe healed I kept surfing. My knee was clicking a lot and it finally gave out surfing at home. I tore 80% of my meniscus. The surgeon repaired it and I was out for 6 months. The second time, I was playing on the beach with Micah Byrne’s kids and my meniscus tore again, the repair didn’t work. This time they removed it completely and it was a faster recovery.

You hold back now more after going through your recovery period?

No I don’t hold back any more! I kind of did the first couple of weeks but that’s about it.

You’re off to Portugal right now, how is it looking?

 I just landed in Portugal its kinda maxing out right now but should get really good soon!

How often does your Mom reach out while your on the road?

My Mom probably reaches out every 10 minutes. [Laughs]

Your parents are of mixed heritage. Your mom is French correct?

Ya my parents are mixed heritage. My dad is American and my mom is French, actually first generation French and my grandpa is from Morocco and my grandma is Russian. I’m a mutt.

Can you speak another language as well?

I do speak French actually.

What’s one thing you can’t travel without?

I can’t travel with out my music. I need to listen to something the whole

 Favorite spot?

My favorite spot is Barbados.

One spot you wanna travel before you die? 

I’d like to go to Ireland  before I die. That would be cool.

Do you have time for homework or is that on the back-burner?

I try to do homework. I only got a week before I graduate.

Are you psyching for the comp? 

I’m pretty stoked for the contest hopefully the waves aren’t shit!

The Coffin’s backed you since back in the day, do you ever hit them up for words of wisdom on the road?

The Coffins have been backing me since I got on sex wax and really
started hanging out with them since I was like 9 or 10. I ask them all
sorts of shit.

Best post sesh grind?

Best post surf food is corrales burrito!

Favorite pocket god pastime?

 I like all the meme pages on Instagram.

Any flicks that you watch between TSA and long car rides that gets you hyped to get in the water? 

First Chapter and Cluster the only movies I have in my computer so I
watch those.

Last novel you read? 

The last book I read was And Then There Were None.

When do you get back? 

I get back the 1st of May.

The first thing you do before you crash?

 I watch a lot of TV before I go to sleep.

What’s next?

What’s next for me is hopefully do well in some contest and make a
really good edit with good waves!













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