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Full Speed Through Mar del Plata w/ Milton Martinez ARGENTINIAN SURF CAPITAL IS A RUGGED SKATE PARADISE

Known for it’s surf and tourism scene, Mar del Plata in Argentina also has it’s share of rugged skate spots as hometown boy Milton Martinez proves in Volcom’s latest ‘My City’ series. As the 7th largest city in the country, when the Atlantic isn’t throwing waves at the coastline there is often something new to skate. If you’re looking for smooth Cali concrete this ain’t the place though, so the best approach to skating it is full speed with zero fucks given… just like Milton. Check every trick and that switch hill bomb at 1:50 for proof.


“In Episode 9 of My City we visit Milton Martinez from Mar del Plata, Argentina. Mar del Plata, Argentina is a very warm, crowded place during the summers, and typically a lonely and cold place during the winters. Also known as the surf capital in Argentina, Mar del Plata is one of the most visited towns in Argentina during the summer for tourists. With this influx of tourism every year, there is new infrastructure in the city, and thus, new skate spots. You would find most of the spots near the coast, however, there are some spots farther inland that are worth the drive.”


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