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Take a ‘Breather’ in B.C Vancouver skate underground didn’t take a (hiatus)

Back in the day Vancouver, BC was once the hot bed of skateboarding in Canada and for much of North America. Events like Slam City Jam and Girl alum like Rick McCrank and Rick Howard would ensure the worlds best enjoyed the perks of the original #VANlife. Then everything got capped and skaters realized there were more spots and culture in cities like Montreal and Toronto. Not everyone however. Shot-caller, zine-maker, and all-round good guy Antosh Cimoszko has been keeping the underground lit. Here is his latest short called breather aka (hiatus) which features the rolling styles of Tre Glasgow, Dylan Fulford, Ben Blundell, Ty Peterson, Snarf, Landon Avramovic, and Owen Brackman and in keeping “on-trend” stars many of the same spots you may have enjoyed in the 90’s.



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