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What do you have going on this Sunday? If you are in LA go to Beyond The Streets.

What are you doing the next two months? If you’re not in LA, get to LA because that’s when the whole exhibition moves to NYC.

In their words BTS is…  is the premier exhibition of graffiti, street art and beyond, celebrating the soaring heights to which the world’s most recognizable modern art movement has risen. BTS is a groundbreaking multimedia showcase of paintings, sculpture, photography, installations and more throughout 40,000+ sq ft of industrial indoor and outdoor space.

This brief description really doesn’t do it justice though. Imagine a museum like the Broad emptied out for two months and allowed your favorite artists to create massive scaled projects. A place where punk rock, skateboarding, 80’s SoCal surf localism, 70’s NYC record stores, and modern street art collide.  It was curated by Roger Gastman who has a huge list of credentials and certainly knows who Banksy is. Yeah he’s in there. As is Jean-Michel Basquiat, C.R Stecyk III, Shepard Fairey, Dash Snow, Dennis Hopper, FUTURA 2000, Barry McGee, and many, many others. This one’ll leave you inspired in whatever your outlet of choice is.

The highlight for old school skate heads or anyone that played Tony Hawk Pro Skater was the historical recreation of the Venice Pavilion. Sized to scale and everything. Back in the day it was a legendary graffiti and skate destination in Venice Beach and with thorough research from Adidas Skateboarding and the artist Risk the fully skateable installation features work from some of the iconic Venice Beach writers and will no doubt get sessioned by some triple-stripe skaters soon.

Check the BEYOND THE STREETS site for more info and check back for our feature interview about the Venice Pavilion next week. For now enjoy a couple snaps we took from our pre-opening walk through.



The iconic Venice Pavilion fully recreated.

Trash Records recreated.

C.R Stecyk III

Shepard Fairey probably getting asked about Obama’s ‘HOPE’ poster once again.


RISK cop chopping.

RISK explaining how he did it.

Bill Barminski




Remember 720?


C.R Stecyk III (left) taking in his work.

Mister Cartoon

Felipe Pantone

You can literally ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop.’ This one is actually stocked with dope one-off gear and art though.


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