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Noah Schweizer In “Stream” Location, Location, Location


In between tacos and Tecates we sat down with ex-Floridian Noah Schweizer and discussed living with a Hollywood starlet, ten dogs and two filmmakers.

You just dropped a new edit, what’s been happening?

The past winter down in Mexico I met my brother, and also here in California, Ventura and Northern Malibu. Just trying to do trips and focusing on that.

Are you in California full time now?

Yeah I am a full time California resident, till there’s some waves on the East coast. Then I will go back in fall and stay over there.

What do you like better California or Florida?

I love Florida, the fishing and being with my family. It’s definitely more hectic here, but in a good way and a bad way.

Are you a saltwater fisherman?

I fish by my house in brackish water, I never go deep sea or anything.

Your brother spends a lot of time in Mexico, have you been going down there a lot?

I don’t got there as much as I should, because I thought it was a little harder to get organized for it. After this last trip, I definitely will go back down more. He’s got it dialed and his girlfriend lives down there.  Waves are insane.

You have a lot of dogs, what are all of their names?

So we have Koda… he’s a Husky Malamute mix. Ghost and Butch which are Husky-German Shepard mix. London, he’s a full German Shepard, Ford is a Great Dane. Chicken and Penny are  weiner dogs. Rusty, he’s a Cocker Spaniel mix, kind of a mut. Last but not least Balto, he’s a Husky rescue.

Are you an animal activist?

I guess I am. I watch over the dogs, and help out with what I can, but my girlfriend is.

Do you hang out with Alec Baldwin? I saw you on T.V. the other day at his Comedy Central Roast. 

Yeah we see him a lot whenever he comes here. So I mean he is really cool and pretty fucking funny. [Laughs]

In real life?

Ya, he’s super smart. Pretty intimidating, but also easy going.

Has he fucked with you yet?

Not yet, fingers crossed!

Do you have any Alec stories?

We went to Jimmy Fallon with him. I haven’t done SNL with him yet, but I would really like to. Just being with him in public, everyone is always like, ‘Oh shit… that’s Alec Baldwin’. It’s funny when paparazzis are around, because he is not afraid of snapping on a paparazzi.

He goes off?

Just look up “Alec Baldwin paparazzi compilation” on YouTube. [Laughs]

Do you find a lot of cameras on you guys when you’re with your girl (Ireland Bassinger Baldwin)?

Yeah it all depends where you go. The other day we were in Malibu, and I didn’t even see anyone. Then all these pics came out of us riding bikes in Malibu. They’ll call me you know… “pro surfer boyfriend.”

Paparazzis can be vindictive, and just plain old mean. How does she deal with that?

She has it pretty bad too. Because they are waiting for her to slip up. We’ll be just be coming out of a bar, then they’ll just try to get her to slip up or say something bad. She’s really good at it, and dodging them. But she’ll snap on them, just like her dad. It’s rad.

Is it easier being a surfer in California or Florida?

It’s easier surfing  in Florida, being that it is my hometown, and you can get whatever waves you want. Definitely surfing California is better, because of wave quality and it easier to be recognized out here. And you’ll never know who you’ll meet in the water.

Who do you live up north (San Fernando Valley) with?

Me, my girlfriend , my buddy Corban Campbell, Nate Leal and Layne Stratton.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

I just wanna go on trips and take advantage of any opportunities I get it. Put some trips together, bring my friends and get some good waves.

Parker [Coffin] was talking about getting you on a trip for his movie, you talk to him about that?

He’s going to put together a movie from around here, Portugal and Indo. I want to go with him on that in June or July.

What do you have to do these days to separate yourself from everyone else?

That’s what I am currently going through. You just have to be creative, and be yourself. It’s definitely a hard thing to do.

How do you do that?

You can get really creative with videos and do your own thing if you’re not doing the whole contest thing or the CT. That’s obviously a whole other field. There is a lot of ground for surfers to cover for making surf films. A lot of opportunities.

What is your biggest accomplishment in life?

I got second at ECSC. [Laughs]

Outside of contests?

If I can make my brother stoked on me that would be my biggest accomplishment. Like when we were in Mexico, I got a super sick barrel right in front of him and that feels good.

Great talking to you Noah. Good luck brother. – WY





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