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EAR CANDY: TOPS Salted Nostalgia

Words: Karina Chahal

Hailing from Quebec, it’s hard to understand how TOPS has effortlessly captured the salty, beach-filled summer nostalgia in their music. Until you hear their crisp synth pop rhythms and mellow, hazy, yet perfectly moody vocals. After listening you’ll realize you just got home exhausted from a long day’s work, and next moment it’s like you’re in Biarritz revelling in waves that dreams are made of.

It’s no wonder they are headlining Cosmic Creek this May at Salt Creek. They’ll be jamming out tunes off of their three albums, including their latest Sugar at the Gate, which were released by Montreal-based Arbutus Records.

Their sound is glistening surf pop but it’s also refined, creative, and exploratory retro magic. I casually rock out to “Dayglow Bimbo” to get properly pumped before enjoying the day. Then I’ll whip out “Cloudy Skies” for rainy afternoons when I’m spending most of my time confined within fourwalls and dive into artistic pursuits. “Petals” is basically just stuck in my head all the time, 24/7, and I shamelessly love that. What I’m trying to say is, if you’re doing some real-life living, there is a TOPS song that just plain “gets it”.

So be sure to give them a spin wherever you wander this season. We’ll see you at Salt Creek and remember TOPS came to remind you of your favorite word, beach. -Karina 


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