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SPENDTIME PALACE Lock Your Doors People

Photos:Donna Afrasiabi

The Costa Mesa menaces, aka the brash beach boys, aka Spendtime Palace feel like your friends, only a lot cooler. I’m in the desert. I’m at a house party. I’m cracking open a cold one on the strand. Wherever I am, Spendtime Palace now lives in my ears.

Pic: Rae Pich

You travel through the full range of human emotion on their debut album Playdate. From easy and familiar to cryptic and heavy, Elijah’s guitar tells one mind bending story that’s got me brazenly listening to “Pay Per View” on repeat. Michael “Toast” on keys adds a depth that unexpectedly but seamlessly pairs with their surf rock, western groove. They’ve got their uniquely rowdy Costa Mesa flavor but are each superbly accomplished in their art. Spendtime Palace live acoustic sessions are faultlessly performed and their musicianship sets them apart from the rest of the Socal beach goth scene.

Keep your eyes and ears open for their next album All Inclusive Romantic Getaway which according to the guys, would consist of “three bottles of high grade absinthe, a Barry White deluxe record, and a box of edible underwear.” I can’t wait to see what the next music video has in store, which judging by previous work (directed by the kid from Stranger Things) should be killer. –Karina 


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