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Canada is having a surf media moment right now. It has been for decades, but at this very minute the combination of surfing talent and the people capturing it on video and in photos is Internationally top shelf. This Friday in Vancouver all of these greats are combining into one blow-out Surf Night in Canada. This one isn’t hosted by Don Cherry and Ron MacLean, but it’s offering up way looser times than a hockey game thanks to a mysterious force called Danké.

On June 1st for one evening only – starting from feature to opener – there is the premiere of Transition starring Noah Cohen, preceding that is Ben Gulliver’s latest short called ‘Nice Guys’ (these polite guys being Noah, Pete Devries, + Balaram Stack), and the night kicks off with many beverages and a photo show featuring the work of Marcus Paladino and Kyler Vos. Check below for some of their work as well as trailers for Transition and ‘Nice Guys’.

Let’s get some more info from Danké…..


WY: So the headliner for this grand night is the Transition premiere. Can you run us through this real quick? 

Danké: No doubt. It’s a feature length movie starring Noah Cohen filmed and directed by Nate Laverty. It’s had a few premieres in the past couple weeks and most recently played at the Whistler film festival. All have been packed out shows but this one feels like the homecoming. Probably because it’s homebase and where most of us live.. so it’s a celebration of sorts. The film is largely based around Noah and features Pete Devries amongst a few other guys. There are clips from along the B.C coast as you might expect but we also made trips out to the east coast, Peru, France, and Portugal to name a few. It’s an overall great film, Nate killed it.




And then we have Ben Gulliver’s ‘Nice Guys’ opening up to get the crowd warm. Is this just The Seawolf leftovers or what?

He’s pretty good at warming up the crowd..trying to convince him to MC the night. Little known fact but dude has bars haha. Maybe we can get him to drop a few at some point in the night. Back to your question. Ben’s got enough scraps from that to probably make another film. But no, it’s not. Him and the boys went on a trip to the UK a couple months back so this is footage from strictly that trip. The clips are unreal, as expected if you’ve seen The Seawolf.




How does the opening photo show tie into all this?

Photographers Kyler Vos and Marcus Paladino joined along on the various trips for the making of the Transition film. We figured exhibiting their photos from the trips would be a good look but also tie in nicely to the film as people fill the space and sink beers. Marcus also joined along on the UK trip with Ben so we might throw something up from that as well. We’ll have it sorted by Friday 7pm…


What the hell is Danké anyway? Is it some huge multinational corporation?

We’re still trying to figure it out also. It’s open to interpretation. Basically it’s a crew of talented homies making dope shit. Whether it’s videos, photos, design, events, or monthly parties called ‘Cuddy Sessions’. With no one to answer to, we get to do whatever however.


Is Canada having a surf media moment right now?

There’s definitely a talented crew this side of the border people were just sleepin before! There does seem to be a decent amount being pumped through the media as of late. Let’s get you boys out here. How’s fall looking on the calender?


We’re down!



Not Canada. photo: Marcus Paladino


Noah Cohen photo: Marcus Paladino


Noah in da Piaggio. photo: Kyler Vos


No need for a location name. photo: Kyler Vos




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