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10 Reasons to Go to the Cosmic Creek surf festival HAVE YOU EVER BEEN EXPERIENCED?

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The Cosmic Creek is a retro-style surf experience paying homage to an earlier era. If you want a taste of the Outerspace that was the experimental time of the 1970’s, then come by Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point on June 2nd and 3rd. It will be a journey back to an alternative place where surfboards ruled the shops, shapers were gurus, and surfing had a mystical soul about it. 

Over the last 20 years Cosmic has become a soulful grassroots eclectic surf gathering, a celebration of heritage, and a platform to swap ideas about surfboards, music, and art.

Let’s look at ten reasons to get down to the Cosmic Creek at Salt Creek over the June 2nd/3rd weekend…..


1) Ride anything. Inclusivity is peaking at Cosmic Creek as it’s truly a ride anything day. Competitors can even ride themselves in the new Body Surfing Expression Session and “draw cards” for surfboard choice priority.

2) FREE bands on the beach. Sure LA has great bands playing every day of the year. But how often do you get to catch a free show on the beach while still in a dripping wetsuit? TOPS and Night Beats headline the Saturday night at the Salt Creek Bluff Park Stage and Seacliff, The Alive, and Hypnosis take over the beach on Saturday and Sunday.




3) Rob Machado’s hair and Donovan Frankenreiter’s mustache just might be in attendance. This is a great chance to see these wonders of the surfing world in person. 

4) It’s the 20th Anniversary. If you haven’t checked it yet, it’s about time. If you have, you’ve already bookmarked the weekend.


5) Retro-style surf experience. Surfboards predominantly styled from the 70’s and 80’s means you won’t have to deal with getting snaked by SUP’ers or cleanly sliced in half by foil boarders. Retro is the future!

6) It’s a Time Machine. Journey back to the alternative, more experimental time of the 1970’s. A place where surfboards ruled the shops, when shapers were gurus, and surfing had a mystical soul about it. Don’t be surprised if your hair grows a few inches in a day.


7) Free DaFin demos. Experience Salt Creek’s inside thumping wedges and get very intimate with the sand. 

8) Shaping demos on the beach in Vissla’s new mobile shaping bay. Not all surfboards are popped out of the womb overseas. Come see how the real pros do it. 


9) Get Hippie. There is a natural dyeing station to get busy at and then Vissla patches to adorn your colorful new gear. Oh and there’s also food from The Shwack and coffee from the local Bear Coast Coffee.

10) It’s free to watch and in an actual ocean. You don’t have to drop serious coin and drive into the middle of America to watch amazing surfers have a soul session. 


Don’t bother…. bringing plastic. It’s a plastic free event thanks for the friends at MIZU. If you haven’t heard the ocean is in a bit of a garbage crisis no thanks to plastic, so let’s try to do our part.



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