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06.04.18 – TAGS: , ,
Photo: Nicole Smith
Need a jolt of energy for your Monday afternoon? Watch the new video from Los Angeles four-piece Cat Scan for their single “nra,” and brace yourself for forty-five seconds of pure adrenaline mixed with a montage of mouths slurping noodles. It’s disgusting and appetizing all at once, who knows how. And maybe it’s because I’ve been marathoning Talking Heads lately, but David Evanko’s vocals on the track give me major David Byrne vibes. Together with Ian Waters on guitar, Quincy Larsen on bass and vox, and Jeff Goodhart on drums, Cat Scan spray new-wave punk rock like no other. Press play and hear for yourself.
“We’ve been an exclusively live band for a year, but this is our first release of any kind,” says Evanko. “It’s in support of a record we just finished. So that’s fun.” For a band somewhat set in their anti-online ways, their word-of-mouth allure is slowly boiling to the surface. And the timing couldn’t be better. Cat Scan begins their month-long residency at the Echo tonight – and every Monday night in June – so be sure to see these guys in full live glory. -Maya Eslami

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