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Giving Up On The White Trash Hollywood Nightmares Jason Dill packs it up for Ventura + talks FA inspiration

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Jason Dill was originally born in the white conservative stronghold of Huntington Beach, CA. But he moved. A lot. Twenty-two times before the age of seventeen to be more exact. It was his move to New York that really ignited his legendary partying lifestyle (+ skateboarding career). After having to kick the bad habits that come with the territory of charging into the depravity of late NY nights he moved into an apartment in the backroads of Fairfax in West Hollywood where the Supreme store sits. But alas the most quotable man in skateboarding is moving on and up. To the surfers paradise of Ventura.

Will AVE get Dill to start surfing? Will we see a Fucking Awesome X Patagonia collab in the future?

This fine interview and day in the life video of Jason Dill from Solo Skate Mag may not answer those questions, but it does dive into a whole lot more. Like how he knows Trump has never been punched in the face. Being attracted to a mass murderer YouTube star. His FA World Entertainment design philosophies. Why Supreme is like the worlds best dojo. And other madness that can only come from the mind of Dill.

Residents of Ventura, California. Be on the lookout for a lone diner in your most posh restaurant as this is how he describes his dining habits.

“It’s kind of expensive, but what I like to do every single night is to go to upscale restaurants and draw and order the most expensive food and sit there for hours and rich people have to look at me. I watch them, talking about the stock market and all of that and I’m sitting there drawing, taking it all in, watching older guys with hot young pussy in their arms and shit.”



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