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Ringside w/ LA’s Donta Hill “I can’t be going that far out in the ocean, ya feel me.”

Donta Hill has been on the hot list for a minute now. The Hawthorne based skater received the golden touch from Andrew Reynolds and since then has put in the work to have truly arrived. Standing at 6’6″, Donta looms over even the lanky Reynolds and a disciplined approach to the boxing gym has created a skateboarder with unparalleled pop and athleticism. At that height it’s not easy being steezy, however he pulls it off with a flair that is brought to everything else. After proving his skills and personality to the adidas skateboarding team while touring Hawaii, Donta is now making the step up to the big league and casting his own shadow. We talked “jock” mentality, skating in sweats, leaving the country for the first time, why he ain’t down for surfing, and how the video above is literally like a glimpse into his everyday day-in-a-life.


More than anyone else Andrew Reynolds seems to have the magic touch with picking up and helping mentor new skaters. What roll has The Boss had on your coming up? 

From the start, Andrew was a great guidance. He always gave wise advice and pointed me in the right direction. Honestly, he was like another father figure who was always there to help even when it came down to personal things.

You said you first walked into Sweet Science Boxing Gym last March and over that time your skating has really hit a new level. Is it more of a mental or physical confidence you are learning there?

Both mental and physical. Boxing not only keeps the body well conditioned, but at a certain level, it puts the mind in a stronger and more humble state.

What can the average skater learn from boxing?

They can learn how to humble themselves and know when the right time is to be competitive.

Traditionally many skaters have written off training and going to the gym as “jock” behavior. Thoughts?

 (Laughs) Boxing ain’t nothing like waking up and just going to an LA Fitness. It’s a whole different beast and requires a whole different mindset. I don’t condone trying be a bodybuilder but people who do think like that should consider taking care of themselves so they aren’t burnt out by 24.

What’s the best part about skating in sweats; look or feeling? Does it give you a couple more inches of pop?

Looking athletic, feeling athletic, and actually having something to fit these long legs.

Was the adidas Skateboarding trip to Hawaii your first time there? What was the highlight? 

Yeah, I’d say the highlight was finding out that Paul Shier (adidas Skateboarding team manager) is now in my top three of funniest people on earth. 

Try any surfing over there? 

Nah, surfing is not my thing. I can’t be going that far out in the ocean, ya feel me.

Getting to roll around the island with legends like Gonz, Daewon, Busenitz, etc. What do you take away from watching their actions on trips?

It definitely inspires me a lot to want be on that level of skating one day and still be as cool of a person to be around as they are.

That Insta photo of you seemingly tossing the Canadian legend Sluggo onto the floor at the Dime Glory Challenge had us rolling. What was that whole Montreal experience like?

(Laughs) My bad, Sluggo. Montreal was a great experience, especially considering it was my first time outside of the country. The scenery was beautiful and everybody was cool but, damn, that cold weather was new for ya boy.

What music gets you going on hard sparring sessions that we should get down with?

Some Game or Meek Mill.

You gram’d a pile of Superstars and said they were your favorite skate shoes. How do the 3MC’s compare? 

The 3MC’s are definitely a completely different shoe and skating Superstar’s makes it harder for me to skate other models but I have to admit, the 3MC’s are actually good and I can skate them no problem. 

What was the filming process for the 3MC video like? It had a good homie vibe. Is this kind of a glance into an average day for you?

It was a fun and a very professional process. I’ve never had a mic attached to me for the whole day so that was new and fun. And yes, the video literally shows what my average day looks like aside from running in 3MC’s (laughs). 




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