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HUMP CLUB Your Wednesday Music Roundup With Maya Eslami

Words: Maya Eslami

The first rule of Hump Club is: you do not talk about Hump Club. The second rule of Hump Club is: ignore the rules. Always. So forget that first thing I said. Ready?

If you’re new to the disco, here’s how it works. Below you will find five songs, videos, album drops, anything really that’s been hyping our mood, adding that extra pep in our step, and boosting our eardrums. So skim through or stay for the long gulp. And check back next Wednesday for another round. -Maya

Listen to Pinky Pinky

Los Angeles locals Pinky Pinky, a trio of underage babes that’ll knock you over before you can adjust your specs, deliver a powerful mix of fuzzy, reverb-heavy garage with nuanced, “girl pop” vocals that make them hard, soft, and everywhere in between, without one ounce of derived throwback. Their latest EP Hot Tears dropped in February on Innovative Leisure, and with special shoutouts and recommendations from Hanni El Khatib, Josh and Nuge from Easy, and Crap brand manager Tony Accosta, who proclaims them the “real deal,” I’d back ’em any day.

Watch Howard’s Video for “Your Honor”

Brooklyn-based Howard – maybe my favorite band name I’ve encountered lately – are full-blown indie at its best: whimsical, sentimental, with just enough thump and jangle to keep you alert, your foot subconsciously tapping out a steady, somehow familiar, nostalgic drumbeat. Their video for new single “Your Honor,” off their forthcoming album Together Alone, turns that indie kitsch into a pleasant collage-animated adventure that’s even enjoyable to watch on mute. But in this case, turn the volume up. Get ready for that foot tap.

Listen to Graveyard’s New Album “Peace”

Graveyard hasn’t released an album since 2015. That’s all I’m going to say on this matter.

Watch Juniore’s Video for “Magnifique” 

There’s something incredibly soothing about watching a billowy sheet float down a desolate road. Juniore, a Parisian three-piece who stir up Sixties French psych with classic “yéyé noir” style in a refreshing way, nail this video of a skeleton-suited ghost on a skateboard for their new single “Magnifique,” off last year’s Ouh Là Là. Burger Records is re-releasing the album on cassette this summer in the US. 

Watch Billy and Dolly’s Video for “Sunlight From Another Life” 

Billy and Dolly, the duo of Bill Rousseau and Dahlia Gallin Ramirez, sizzle out an incredible Moog-centric, dark and sexy strut that’s bound to get you swaying shoulders in no time. Their seizure-inducing technicolor trip of a video for new single “Sunlight From Another Life” matches the pulsing tone of the single so well, it’s almost like the video is thrusting heat colors at you. Which we are down for. My head hurts.

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