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You’re driving somewhere south of Tijuana and north of Cabo. A dirt road stretches to the horizon and the only visual in the rear view mirror is a wall of dust. The perfect soundtrack: Warm Drag.

The band is made up of Paul Quattrone (also drumming with Oh Sees) making the background noise and Vashti Windish, who honed her front women skills as a magicians assistant in a traveling circus, on vocals. It hits much harder than a two-piece should. Which makes sense when Paul explains his influences. “I basically wanna make Bomb Squad versions of rock n roll songs,” he says. “It sounds weird but I can hear a common ground where girl groups, dub, harsh noise, minimal synth, repetitious industrial, voodoo percussion, power electronics, black leather jacket rock ‘n roll and DJ Screw-inspired slowing down/pitching down of samples all meet.”

Combining genres from such different sound spectrums may seem like a stretch, as he told us while packing up his prized Akai MPC-1000 after wrapping up a photo shoot. “You can make all these parts that normally wouldn’t have anything to do with each other work in a way that unless you know what sample it is and where it comes from, you completely take it out of original context. You throw 2 or 3 samples in a new context and it becomes a new thing. I’ll pitch stuff down or stretch it out so it has a bit of a quality of the original, but gets all warped and becomes a whole new thing. That’s the beauty of samples. It’s like the glue.”

The duo also DJ together helping them explorer ever vast mutual inspirations. “It helps too we like all different kinds of music,” Vashti adds. “Way more interesting to mix it.”



The video for “Cave Crawl” is the first leak of what’s dropping in August. Warm Drag has been going easy on the on-line presence until the album is released. Preferring instead to focus on making music as true to their vision as possible. You know, like the way it should be done.



Warm Drag

Warm Drag

In The Red 

August 31, 2018

Pre-order Here

1 – The Wanderer

2 – Cave Crawl

3 – Cruisin The Night

4 – End Times

5 – No Body

6 – Sleepover

7 – Lost Time

8 – Hurricane Eyes

9 – Someplace I Shouldn’t Be

10 – Parasite Wreckage Dub

Warm Drag North America Live Dates: 

7/23: Sacramento, CA – Press Club #

7/24: Fresno, CA – Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company #

7/27: Los Angeles, CA – The Rec Center #

8/18: Los Angeles, CA – Echo Park Rising @ Echoplex %

# – w/ Wax Chattels

% – w/ Flat Worms, Cold Showers

…stay tuned for more

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