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Mauro Diaz The Punk Rock Puerto Rican

07.10.18 – TAGS: , ,
Photos:Tom Carey

Mauro Diaz isn’t your typical Puerto Rican surfer. He listens to heavy metal, has a passion for art, and draws lines on waves most people could only dream of. He’s that underground surfer you’ll see at your local break ripping the bag out of it. He’s like a caged lion just waiting to be unleashed. We had the honor of hanging with Mauro in his beloved hometown of old San Juan for a few weeks. While filming his upcoming “4 Cities” project he opened up to us about the struggles with Trump, supporting local businesses and god awful Latin trap music.

He took us to some cock fights, bowling night, his local haunts and to some of his favorite waves. He’s the type of person people want to surround themselves with. He’s passionate, respectful and a terror on a surfboard. His style is a mix of his good friend Andrew Doheny and fellow Puerto Rican Dylan Graves (not a bad combo). After bumping up his travel schedule, Mauro has been scoping the world and the world has been good to him and his surfing.

Learning art from his mom and surfing from his dad, he’s an artist in and out of the water. Here’s a look at some of his artwork and a few photos from his travels. His “4 Cities” profile launches tomorrow. Get to know Mauro.


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