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Listen to Ty Segall and White Fence’s “Body Behavior” 

Ty Segall and White Fence are at it again. And if you’re not familiar with the creative force of Segall and Tim Presley, please stop what you’re doing and reference 2012’s Hair. Immediately. Fast forward 6 years, and the dynamic duo who blend and flow smoother than icing on cake are dropping their new album Joy in July. Listen to their single “Body Behavior,” an adrenaline-fused trip down the minds of two musicians who embody the word collaboration.

Listen to Night Shop  

Anytime a drummer starts his own solo gig, I always pay special attention. And Night Shop, the new project of Justin Sullivan, the thrashing force behind Flat Worms percussion section, deserves your immediate consideration. Check out his video for “The One I Love,” a typical day-in-the-life glimpse with LA playing cameo in every shot. While it’s not as thrashy as Flat Worms, Sullivan’s similarity to Kevin Morby – another frequent collaborator – shines brightly in the track. Night Shop’s debut album In The Break drops September 14th via Morby’s own label Mare Records.

Watch Escape-ism’s video for “Nothing Personal” 

Escape-ism is the relatively new project of Ian Svenonius (The Make-Up, Chain and the Gang), and his video for single “Nothing Personal” is the perfect introduction. Semi jarring, electronic beats and thumps and jolts sizzle throughout the explosive track, almost like the soundtrack to an electric shock therapy musical. The mesmerizing video, directed by Alexandra Cabral, will send you into a brainwashed spiral. So press play and let your brain dissolve.

Listen to Gold Star’s New Single “Baby Face” 

Gold Star, the project of LA’s Marlon Rabenreither, has a new single out from his forthcoming album Uppers & Downers, which drops September 7th on Autumn Tone Records. The super 70s vibey track “Baby Face” runs down like a classic rock dream, utilizing strings from a Mellotron, “like the samples used on ‘Strawberry Fields Forever.'” I’m more hooked on the crooning repeat of “baby face” that only gets better with every listen.

Listen to Dead Boys

We’re going back in time on this one. Dead Boys came on my shuffle this morning and cauterized my mood. Watch these Cleveland misfits tear shit up in a live video for “Sonic Reducer,” off their debut 1977 album Young Loud and Snotty. You’re welcome.


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