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Premiere: Chief White Lightning Watch his new video for “City’s Alive”

07.23.18 – TAGS: ,
Photo: Courtesy of Chief White Lightning

“WARNING: This song will turn any pair of shoes into dancing shoes. You may experience a twitch in your hip and a tap in your toes. Also has had history of making days better.” That’s Joshua Logan’s introduction to his new video for “City’s Alive,” the latest single off his self-titled debut album under the name Chief White Lightning. The Long Beach-based musician – who also fronts Austin’s stoner-rock trio The Blind Pets – is no stranger to a few hot moves, and combined with a fresh Nudie style suit by LA-based designer Rusty Cuts, turns this video into pure entertainment. Plus the track is bursting with energy, teetering on the edge of garage, psych, even country, with a steady piano trickle and a thumping beat that wraps the whole thing into one pretty package. So press play and get ready to have your day made better.


Chief White Lightning’s debut drops July 13th on El Camino Media, and was produced by Battleme’s Matt Drenik, with contributions by multi-instrumentalist Jonas Wilson and Paul Pulvirenti (Elliot Smith) on drums to round out the studio band. His live band, as most go these days, involves a fluid cast of characters he likes to call The Good Times Band, which only supports the uplifting vibrations emanating off this talented guy. He’s already locked down the August residency at Harvard & Stone in LA, playing every Tuesday of the month. So if you like what you see in this video, we’re betting his live show is gonna nail it down even more. Don’t miss out. -Maya Eslami 

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