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‘Mid90s’ Is Coming To a Theatre Near You Jonah Hill takes on the 90’s revival w/ an LA version of ‘KIDS’

07.25.18 – TAGS: , ,

Jonah Hill has been the subject of much controversy in the skate world underbelly recently. Is he legit? A fraud? Did he create an Instagram just to show Weckingball that he has a skate past (which Weck claimed on his Nine Club episode) and then stage a kick flip on it? He sure doesn’t look like he used to skate, but then neither does Jon Buscemi and he is as real as they come.

Skate gossip aside, the trailer for Jonah’s directorial debut Mid90s just dropped. It looks like an LA version of KIDS that will find an audience because of the present day 90’s revival. It stars some legit skateboarders though like Na-kel Smith and we can pray for a Chloe Sevigny cameo. Hard to say which way this ones going to go by viewing the trailer. Theatre released movies involving skate/surf are pretty much batting 0.00%. We’ll definitely give it a watch though. Being put out by A24, which is the studio behind Moonlight, Lady Bird, The Disaster Artist, The Florida Project, and Ex Machina, they’ve got a pretty good record going.



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