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HUMP CLUB Your Wednesday Music Roundup with Maya Eslami

I saw Lavender Flu play at Zebulon in LA last Friday night and was completely blown away. The four-piece from Oregon debuted in 2016 with a collection of home recordings that were raw and jambled and reckless in an incredible way. On their new album, Mow The Glass, the Flu are more concise, cohesive in their garage take on classic song structures, and yet still embody that thrashing, haphazard, whirlwind force of expression that makes them stand out amongst a sea of confirming sound. Breathe in their fresh salty air. It’ll do wonders for your soul. Mow The Glass is out now on In The Red Records.


Listen to Lavender Flu


Listen to Ditches

Ditches is the San Diego project of musician Tim Donnelly, a native New York punk who hit the indie-rock scene of the coastal California town in 2015 with a more sedate, mellow approach to songwriting. The result, a beautiful glimpse into pastoral landscapes personified by song and sound, with an otherworldly weariness that’s perfect for a midnight drive along the coast. Just what we needed. And if you’re looking for something with more beat and motion, check out “Fear Shifter.” Both tracks are off Ditches’ upcoming EP Not Your Mirror, out later this year.


Watch The Goon Sax’s New Video

Brisbane’s The Goon Sax dance this fine line between post-punk, new wave jangle rock that’s so infectious, you’ll be humming their tunes without even knowing it. Watch their video for new single “Make Time For Love,” off their forthcoming album We’re Not Talking, out September 14th on Wichita Recording Co. The surrealistic, “almost Lynchian” black and white semi-animated trip is beyond enjoyable, with drummer Riley Jones bouncing around tapping on a cowbell in full glee.


Listen to Basement Revolver

Imagine 90s-infused, fuzzed-out, reverb drenched heavy bedroom rock with soft, delicate female vocals that wrap over soundscapes like a warm spider’s web and you’ll be somewhere close to what Basement Revolver delivers. The Canadian trio debuted in 2016, and are set to release their new album Heavy Eyes on August 24th.


Listen to “Sketch For A Summer”

Your Wednesday flashback moment, brought to you by The Durutti Column. Formed in 1978 in Manchester, the post-punk, dream-pop mainly instrumental band is the epitome of good vibrations. So press play. Feel this energy. – Maya Eslami

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