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When Heroes Become Homies w/ Magnus Bordewick Celebrating a massive 2018 for the Norwegian skate powerhouse

It’s a strange thing when heroes become your mentors and then your homies. That’s pretty much what happened to Oslo’s Magnus Bordewick when Eric Koston and Guy Mariano called him up and asked him to be a part of their new brand numbers. Already a part of the adidas Skateboarding squad, Magnus skated with the crew on an LA trip last year and the rest, as they say, is history. Just in the last few months alone Magnus has released a full part for each brand and now is celebrating an adidas Skateboarding x Numbers capsule collection that fuses the shoe brands technical expertise with the street cred of a hardgoods brand run by legends. There hasn’t been any downtime with Magnus’ hectic filming schedule, so we caught up with the Norwegian lord as he landed in Brazil to talk dogs, Hawaii, eccentric hats, and more…


What Youth: Coming from Oslo, what kind of skate season were you dealing with? A few months a year outdoors? 

Magnus Bordewick: From late October to late February at the earliest, you have no chance skating outside. The only months that it’s properly hot is July and August but it definitely still works well being outside and skating in the springtime and autumn as well. This year we’ve had a heatstroke though, its been the best summer in years, so I can’t complain.

WY: You’ve gotten quite a few LA skate days under your belt now. How does it compare with the old architecture of Northern Europe?
MB: It’s definitely different in many ways but I think the main difference is how you get the spots. Oslo being way smaller and having most of the spots in the center of the city makes it easier to get around, and therefore you end up skating spots you probably wouldn’t skate if you had to drive hours to get to them. Unless you’re cruising around downtown LA you’re more likely to pick out a specific spot to go to, instead of roaming around. Of course the architecture is different as well, but I think the main difference is that you usually drive to the spots you wanna skate.

Are you still based in Oslo? How much traveling have you been doing since getting with Numbers and adidas?Yup, I have my apartment here, so I think Oslo is gonna be the main base for a while! I didn’t really travel much at all before I got on Numbers and properly on adidas Skateboarding, but since then I think I’ve been away more then I’ve been home. I’ve had three months at home now for the summertime though, its been nice to be back home for a bit as well.



Favorite place so far?

For skating I would say Taiwan. I really like Brazil as well, I just got to Sao Paulo today. I was here with some friends a few years ago before I got to travel through skateboarding, so I’m super hyped to be back again.

Did you get to surf Hawaii at all on that last adidas trip?

No I didn’t surf. That was the plan the whole time, but we just never ended up doing it unfortunately. Never even tried surfing, so I guess times up for that soon!

How long did it take before skating with Koston and Guy just felt like any other session with the homies?

It definitely took some time getting totally comfortable. Honestly I’m still shook by it at times, but when I’m in LA and I’m hanging out with them everyday it becomes a regular thing, so I don’t think that much about it. Its more of a trip when I’m home in Oslo looking back on the trips. Then I can see how crazy it is that I can consider all these childhood heroes good friends of mine you know.

You’ve already put out two full parts in the first half of 2018 alone, which is damn hectic. What was the filming schedule like for that? 

The adidas part is filmed on trips I did with Chris Mulhern from late summer 2017 and the numbers part is mostly footage I’ve gotten at home and from a Berlin trip last year.




Both parts have shown off some funky headwear tastes. What’s your fav out of the red beret, extended pom-pom with ear flaps, and the black ‘trapper’ style hat?

Hehe. I think I gotta go with the one with the earflaps. It’s a hat I first bought because it gets so cold in Norway in the winter time, but I ended up liking it so much that I brought it out even though it was way too hot for it.

You’re pretty into your dog. Is it stressful being away so much from her? 

I look at it as kind of a break from being a dog owner, but of course I miss her on trips. I’m so used to bringing her out on anything except maybe drinking, so its definitely different just having to think of yourself when you’re out in the streets. But it’s a nice little break as well and she gets a break from looking at skateboarding all day, haha.


Look out for more crushing from Magnus this year and catch the adidas Skateboarding x numbers collab here.


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