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HUMP CLUB Your Wednesday Music Roundup with Maya Eslami

08.09.18 – TAGS: ,

We are a day late on our Wednesday Hump Club. But we have an excuse. We’ve been in Waco, Texas going bananas at the wave pool. So forgive us and listen to these tasty licks.


Listen to The Shivas

There’s something to be said about the power of a good live show. The Shivas, a Portland four-piece that’s been around since 2006, know about that power, and wield it to their advantage. I saw these guys play last week, and boy was I satisfied. Besides the fact that lead singer Jared Molyneux gives me some serious Shaggy from Scooby-Doo vibes, the Shivas blew me away with their garage surf vibe that leans on this nice border of Kinks / Seeds exuberance. And although the last thing they released was an EP in 2017, their tour schedule seems to be packing up, which always means new music in our near future.


Watch Buffalo Sex Change’s New Video for “Creature”

Let that band name sink in for a second. Buffalo Sex Change. Okay. Their brief bio distributed by publicists describes them as a colorful combination of Buddy Holly, Little Richard, and Iggy Pop. “We’re David Johansen’s red lipstick and high heels. We’re David Bowie’s milk, red peppers, and cocaine.” And although a band description can only take you so far, this level of vibrant imagery is adding a cherry on top of this musical milkshake. Watch the video for their new single “Creature,” a black and white dance of sorts that threatens to morph into a knife fight between members Clayton Eddy and Phil Pierce in a very Rumble Fish noir kind of way. I’ve watched this ten times already and can’t seem to get enough. Plus the song rules. Check it.


Listen to “Cradle” by Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker

If you’re a fan of Big Thief, the dreamy, indie band that’s sometimes folk, sometimes pure rock adrenaline, then you’ll fall in love with the new single by lead singer/songwriter Adrianne Lenker. “cradle,” the first song to be released from her forthcoming solo album ‘abysskiss,’ flows like a summer breeze, with Lenker’s gentle, velvety voice floating high above, cloud bound, over the minimally arranged acoustic track. Sink in its layers and let it embrace you. ‘abysskiss’ drops October 5th on Saddle Creek Records.


Watch Sextile’s New Video for “Paradox”

Listening to Los Angeles-based duo Sextile will transport you to a dingy warehouse basement in Berlin circa 1982 with sticky floors covered in cheap beer and cigarette butts. Their strictly synth absorbed sound is exactly that visual, maybe with an added strobe light and fog machine for that full Berghain effect. Watch their new video for “Paradox,” shot and directed by John Stavas. It’ll get your heart beating faster than a cup of cold brew coffee.


Watch T. Soomian’s New Video “Can’t Hold My Love”

T. Soomian sounds like a woozy tiki cocktail mix of Mac DeMarco and Mile High Club, straight up with a twist. The LA-based musician describes his sound as “not veering too far off from the groovy, late 70s dad pop porno music,” which we are so very down for. Watch his new video for “Can’t Hold My Love,” directed by Eddie Obrand and starring a love-sick chump lusting after an aerobics teacher, with a super special cameo by director/photographer Taylor Bonin. This is full-fledged, quality production music video making at its best, and something so very needed on a Wednesday. Enjoy. – Maya

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