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HUMP CLUB Your Wednesday Music Roundup with Maya Eslami

08.15.18 – TAGS: ,

Listen to SAVAK’s New Single “Dead Dick”

SAVAK, the Brooklyn-based trio consisting of members from The Obits, Holy Fuck, and The Cops, are releasing a new album on November 9th. Listen to lead single “Dead Dick” – I mean, with that title, there’s no way you’re not intrigued – a subtle, post-punk banger that’ll be stuck in your head all day.


Watch Death Valley Girls New Video Starring Iggy Pop

LA’s Death Valley Girls released a video today for their hot new single “Disaster (Is What We’re After),” and it stars Iggy Pop – THE IGGY POP – in a suit and red tie, eating a hamburger. Through the entire video. That’s it. Just Iggy, dipping his plain looking burger into ketchup, and chowing down. It’s mesmerizing. Watch the whole thing so you can hear him say, “I’m Iggy Pop, and I just ate a burger listening to Death Valley Girls.” The concept is an obvious homage to the 1981 video of Andy Warhol eating a hamburger, right down to the suit and tie. Which makes us love it even more. “Disaster (Is What We’re After)” is the first single off Death Valley Girls new album ‘Darkness Rains,’ dropping October 5th on Suicide Squeeze. And let’s be real, if Iggy can get behind these shredders, so can we.


Watch Iceage’s Video for “Under The Sun”

Last Spring, Denmark’s Iceage toured through Tokyo and had the incredible honor of teaming up with flower sculptor – yes that’s a real job title to aspire to – Azuma Makoto for a flower-music installation series called “Crazy Garden x Iceage.” What transpired during that series has finally been thrust onto our eager eyeballs in the form of a video for “Under The Sun,” Iceage’s latest single from their incredible album ‘Beyondless,’ which dropped in May. Press play and behold pure, radiant glory.


Listen to Fort Jams Single “Far Out”

Okay, so sometimes a soft track comes around and reminds us all to try a little tenderness, connect with our emotions, and be chill. And Fort Jams, the project of California songwriter Joel Bond, is softer than a gooey marshmallow floating in a cup of hot chocolate. Check out his new single “Far Out,” a folk reflective lullaby, off his upcoming EP of the same name. Comfort food at its best. Just add whiskey.


Listen to Nikolas Escudero

And while we’re feeling our feelings, check out new artist Nikolas Escudero, who goes by EL on his bandcamp page. His voice gives me Elliott Smith vibes, vocals that ebb and flow with pure, hushed emotion over simple, fluid, lovely arrangements. This is the kind of music that makes you want to drive down the highway, the breeze brushing your warm skin, with the ocean shimmering at your side. Let’s all go do that right now. – Maya Eslami

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