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LISTEN TO MYSTIC BRAVES A What Youth Exclusive Premiere

The mellowest michelada sunshine surprise ending to summer is Mystic Braves’ new LP The Great Unknown and we’re premiering it right here in its full glory. We talked to vocalist/guitarist Julian Ducatenzeiler in between their European and American tours and got the skinny on their recent shenanigans.

On staying positive when losing all their luggage in Europe Julian philosophized, “you’ve gotta roll with the punches, the gigs went well, people were responsive, you look like shit, smell like shit, but you’ve gotta keep it moving.”

And that’s true of the album. It deals with some emotionally heady themes but never fails to be the upbeat, sandy, pysch-pop jam that we long for as August continues to be busy as ever.
Julian let us know we weren’t the only busy ones, “One time we were going to a show in Buffalo, New York from Detroit, and our GPS took us through the Canadian border. We weren’t prepared and had a few things on us we shouldn’t have had. They made us get naked and looked up our buttholes for drugs. Eventually they sent us on our way. I guess we were criminals for an hour.”
Quite the story, considering they weren’t even trying to get into Canada. But hey, it’s the journey, not the destination… or something like that, right? Catch them on their voyage in Costa Mesa on the 23rd at the Wayfarer. – Karina Chahal


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