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Watch Gonz Re-create Skate Art History 20 years on Mark Gonzales gives performance art skateboarding another go

Performance art skateboarding in a German fine art gallery? Only Mark Gonzales could do this proper justice. Well that was 20-years ago and Gonz has re-created it. This time at Milk Studios in NYC. Did Gonz help put an end to the eternal question of whether or not skateboarding is art or sport? Maybe. Maybe not. But he certainly proved once again that he can get away with antics that no other skateboarder can.


“In honor of 20 years of partnership with legendary Pro skateboarder and globally renowned artist Mark Gonzales, adidas Skateboarding releases the Aloha Super—a silhouette inspired by an adiStar Fencing shoe worn during Gonzales’ memorable art performance at Städtisches Museum in Abteiberg, Germany. The latest video from the brand is a blend of this historical moment in 1998 and the modern day recreation that took place at Milk Studios, New York City two decades later.

The three-and-a-half minute edit features nostalgic scenes from Städtisches, overlaid with cuts of Gonzales donning a newly redesigned fencing suit emblazoned with the iconic “Aloha” embroidery. The film captures him as he skates around, over and through the custom-built structures, masterfully reinterpreting his own avante garde performance to the familiar tune of West Coast by Coconut Records—a group that used original performance footage for the song’s official music video in 2009.

The Städtisches Museum performance marked the beginning of a 20-year legacy that continues to flourish between Gonzales and brand. Arriving full circle, the commemorative video celebrates two decades in the making and is a moving reminder of Gonzales’ pioneering vision that transcends culture and inspires generations.”


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