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WHAT YOUTH PREMIERE Watch Easy’s New Music Video “Nothing New”

09.04.18 – TAGS: , ,

Ever feel like getting in your car and just driving, wheels on the road, no destination, to get free, even if it’s only for a day? That’s the vibe in Easy’s latest video for “Nothing New,” starring Camille Rowe strapped in a ’64 Oldsmobile Starfire, windows down, destination unknown. Shot entirely on 16mm film by cinematographer Chris Blavelt, the video juxtaposes Rowe cruising down that desert highway with the band rooftop, looking sharp, and cruising their own concrete path in bassist Don Nguyen’s Firebird, as lead vocalist Josh Landau belts out his Phil Lynott sounding lament. “I’ve been worried about you,” and as Rowe descends into the horizon, we have a feeling she’s worried, too.

“‘Nothing New’,” explains Landau, “is about feeling someone you love slipping away into a downward spiral out of your control and dealing with not being able to help them anymore.” A heavy feeling most of us can relate to, but also something that unfortunately always seems like nothing new, thus the title. An anecdote to the video, if you look closely, comes across in Rowe’s face, riddled with anxiety and indecision as she rolls towards freedom, or wherever it is she’s going. Apparently, the French bombshell “had never really driven before,” and her nerves turned into tangible emotion.

Easy – Landau, Nguyen, Jordan Jones on guitar and Wilder Zoby on drums – have been throwing firebombs at the LA local music scene since last year, and recently got featured by name in a Marshall Headphones commercial. They play the Echo this Friday, September 7th, with The Entire Universe, Crush, and DJs the Blackouts (Atiba and Ako Jefferson). So if you’re around, go see them play. You wont be disappointed. -Maya Eslami

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