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HUMP CLUB Your Wednesday Music Roundup with Maya Eslami

09.05.18 – TAGS: ,
Photo: Denee Segall

Listen to Ty Segall’s Cover of “I’m A Man”

Ty Segall is a fan of music. That’s the intro to the press release for his new cover of The Spencer David Group’s “I’m A Man,” one of my all-time favorite soul smash bangers. Ty Segall is also a fan of covering classic songs, which he’s pretty damn good at – reference Lion’s “You’ve Got A Woman.” So it’s really no surprise that he’s finally releasing a complete covers album, titled “Fudge Sandwich,” dropping October 26th on In The Red. And even though the original is always better than the cover, sometimes, especially in Ty land with his heavy riffs and distorted, fuzzed-out electrical shreddage, a cover can open up a song, unravel a new interpretation and revitalize the essence behind it. Ty Segall hopes you like his new album. And if you don’t, that’s okay too, because he really just made it for fun.

Listen to Ben Pirani

And while we’re talking about soul, check out new artist Ben Pirani, who, although being white, embodies a Curtis Mayfield rhythm so pure, you’d think he was born a soul singer. His new album “How Do I Talk To My Brother?” drops September 21st on Colemine Records, and it’s flow will make you think it’s straight from the golden era of Motown. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but listen to “Light Of My Life” and tell me you’re not daydreaming about the 60s.

Listen to Say Hi’s New Single “Every Gauge Is On Empty”

Say Hi is the project of Eric Elbogen, the Seattle-based musician who has played in various indie configurations since 2002. After a momentary contemplation of retirement, Elbogen took to kickstarter to see what his fanbase thought of another album. Within hours, his vinyl project was fully funded, and the outpouring of energy and dedication to Say Hi helped fuel another album. “Caterpillar Centipede,” his opus, so to speak, drops this Friday September 7th on Euphobia Records. Listen to my favorite track, “Every Gauge Is On Empty,” a pulsing, thumping hit loaded with hooks and overlapping beats.

Listen to Marissa Nadler’s Single “I Can’t Listen To Gene Clark Anymore”

To slow things down a bit, check out Marissa Nadler’s new single “I Can’t Listen To Gene Clark Anymore,” off her forthcoming album “For My Crimes.” The barely 3-minute long lament is soothing yet heart-breaking, as Nadler’s whisper of a voice washes over, recounting the demise of a relationship. Her sound is so very Hope Sandoval on this track, and the backing vocals by Sharon Van Etten turn this somber, emotional crusade into a calming release.

Listen to Calvin Love’s Cover of “You Got It”

Going full circle on cover songs, listen to Calvin Love’s cover of Roy Orbison’s “You Got It,” a song I recently discovered while listening to Love’s latest album “Highway Dancer.” The track dropped four months ago on the anniversary of Orbison’s birthday and unfortunately does not exist on an album yet. But it lives for us here, to be cherished, and Calvin Love’s honest, true-to-the-original rendition does it beautiful justice. Enjoy.

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