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HUMP CLUB Your Wednesday Music Roundup with Maya Eslami

Listen to Kikagaku Moyo

Kikagaku Moyo, an experimental psychedelic band based in Tokyo, blend elements of jazz, blues, proto, and, of course, psych, to achieve a robust, atmospheric sound filled with kaleidoscope vibrations, so pleasing and warm and somehow also heavy, sludgy, like a classic Flower Travellin’ Band track, that you’ll be playing this on repeat in no time. Their new album “Masana Temples,” a word the band invented to represent a Utopian feeling of harmony, embodies that mentality. Each song weaves into a new genre, displaying an explosion of sound both soft and shreddy, without ever feeling contrived or out of place. Listen for yourself. “Masana Temples” drops October 5th on Guruguru Brain Records.

Watch Rex Orange County’s New Video for “Sunflower”

Okay, so this video is from last year, but it’s still right on track with the vibe I’m, well, vibing off of today. Roll with me. Rex Orange County is the project of English recording artist Alexander O’Connor, and his video for “Sunflower” features Illegal Civ rider and Crap skate fam Kevin White among other familiar faces. Watch and smile.

Watch Turnstile’s Video for “Bomb / I Don’t Wanna Be Blind”

While we’re watching music videos featuring skateboarders, check out Turnstile’s video for “Bomb / I Don’t Wanna Be Blind,” directed by Atiba Jefferson and shot by Ty Evans. The video combines two songs off Turnstile’s recent “Time & Space” album, the unbelievably short and melodic “Bomb” with the ear splitting, bone shattering “I Don’t Wanna Be Blind,” and features young baller Kader Sylla. More skateboarding. More smiling.

Listen to Howard’s New Album

NYC-based Howard, a band you should begin to familiarize yourself with, has a new album dropping this Friday, and it’s enjoyable from start to finish. Breaking through in 2015 with a “bedroom” style approach to recording and songwriting, their new album “Together Alone” expands on that concept, as if the band decided more was better, and together could be best. With a subtle reminder of Iceage in their use of horns and saxophones and other bombastic, brass-band style accompaniments, Howard’s new attitude has them making moves, sonically speaking, and takes them well beyond the confines of a bedroom.

Watch Wooden Horsemen’s New Video for “Lies”

This one is all about the video. Wooden Horsemen’s visual expression of their new single “Lies” features a gaggle of old biddies fucking shit up, for lack of a better word. The video starts out with a son saying, “okay Mom, don’t go anywhere ’til I get back,” foreshadowing the mischief ahead. These old ladies get their hands on a man and feed him pickles, smoke cigarettes, teepee a car, flash people, and set a keyboard on fire. Although the song may be a bit too Americana pop for some, the video goes to show that a well-directed 3-minute romp can go a long way, especially with a cast like this.

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