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HUMP CLUB Your Wednesday Music Roundup with Maya Eslami

09.19.18 – TAGS: ,
Photo: Pascal Gambarte

Listen to Sons of Raphael

Sons of Raphael, a band comprised of brothers Loral and Ronnel Raphael from North West London, spin a haunting, reverb-soaked web of noise over ethereal shoegaze that’s rough around the edges, just the way we like it. Their new EP “A Nation of Bloodsuckers” dropped recently on Because Music, and the four track adventure is all over the place, in the best way. Teetering into new wave noise and a thumping post-punk dirge (“Eating People”) that’s brilliant in its simplicity, Sons of Raphael are the new band to watch. Check out the video for title track “A Nation of Bloodsuckers,” complete with creepy bible verse-style intro that brings to mind a cult initiation ceremony. Where’s the Kool-Aid? Sign me up.


Watch LA Witch’s New Video for “Baby In Blue Jeans” 

Ever feel the urge to buy a film camera and shoot a music video of your own? That’s exactly what LA Witch did with their new video for “Baby In Blue Jeans,” shot entirely on 8mm film during their last US tour. The footage comes across as a sort of tour diary collage: hula girls on the dashboard, freeway overpasses, rocky beaches, and the road trip staple for any Californian: In-N-Out. Matched with the sultry, smoldering sound of LA Witch’s latest single, the video oozes vibes, all around.


Watch breathe’s New Video for “Are You All Good?” 

breathe, intentionally spelled with a lower case b, is the moniker of producers Sean Walker and Andrew Grant, and their sound is moody, dramatic, and what they describe as “bruised late-night soul.” Think James Blake with less pop, more blues, more sex, almost like a haunted D’Angelo, serving up emotion. “Are You All Good?” is the debut single from breathe, and frankly one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while. Watch the video and slip into their groove.


Watch Lana Del Rey’s Video for “Venice Bitch” 

LDR, the notoriously polarizing femme fatale song seductress – I’m a huge fan, obviously – released two new videos recently, so it’s basically Christmas over here. Watch my favorite of the two, the nearly ten minute video for “Venice Bitch,” seemingly shot on film and starring the singer, stripped down and raw and moody as always. But really, listen to the song. Both “Venice Bitch” and the other single “Mariners Apartment Complex” come off LDR’s new album “Norman Fucking Rockwell,” set to be released in early 2019.


Watch Sextile’s Video for “Disco” 

I’m a huge fan of Sextile, the New German Wave band that’ll transport to a rave in Berlin circa 1982, and you should be too. They’re raw, industrial, like deregulated molly (don’t do drugs, kids). And listening to their music makes me feel just like that. Raw. Deregulated. Uninhibited. So press play, slip into their synthesized time warp, and feel their disco. And make sure to drink plenty of water.

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