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‘Off Campus’ In Paris MJ, Blondey, Heitor, + Chewy Cruise The Streets

Video: adidas Skateboarding

Why are Marc Johnson, Blondey McCoy, Heitor Da Silva and Chewy Cannon cruising through the streets of Paris? To celebrate a classic 80’s adidas basketball shoe silhouette done up with present day adidas Skateboarding technology, that’s why. The raw edit follows their trend of producing music-less cuts that focus on the real sights and sounds of the streets that can even induce ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) symptoms for skateboarders. We’re backing it.

Marc Johnson, who has been a pro since 1994, had this to say about his new footwear choice the Campus ADV:

“Adidas is the footwear brand that skateboarders choose to wear in the early 90s when they turned away from everything that had been previously offered to them. I wore the Campus shoe during that crucial period of time when skateboarding was evolving and progressing faster than any one of us could keep up with. The Campus was an incredible shoe during an integral part of my own skateboarding. The Campus ADV has a timeless design, it’s more comfortable than most skate shoes, and it works for skateboarding. It’s the shoe I’ve been waiting for.”

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