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LISTEN TO “THE LULLS” A What Youth Premiere

Photos: Evan Schell


What’s in a name?  For The Lulls, it’s washed out guitar and the rolling rhythms of water pounding the California shore; it’s the space between activity, down time, and the gentle rocking of waves and sleep. It’s a band name that perfectly encapsulates its sonic persona: soft, dreamy indie that’s equal parts surf rock, post punk, and dream pop.  Rutger Rosenborg (guitar,  vocals) and Ryan Miller(drums) comprise the core of The Lulls, an LA/NYC-based band formed in 2015 at the hands of what feels like artistic fate.

Through their years of musical companionship, the upcoming EP displays a sense of maturity that takes their love of experimental headiness and presents them in more accessible forms. “It’s not just music that we like,”  Rutger said, “It’s music we think will produce an effect in other people, too.”

Catch The Lulls at their EP release show is in NYC this Saturday, 10/13 at Berlin NYC with The Gloomies and Deep Sea Peach Tree.

The Lulls, a bicoastal indie outfit, are following up their 2016 LP with new ‘Meridian’ EP.   Based in NYC and LA, Rutger and Ryan have been collaborators since early childhood.  After releasing two singles this summer and being placed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds in August, the group releases their ‘Meridian’ EP today and will celebrate in NYC this week with an EP Release Party on 10/13 at Berlin NYC.

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