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WATCH LIVING A DREAM A What Youth Premiere with Peter and John Bjorn

Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John release their newest album Darker Days today and we’re premiering the video for their single “Living a Dream” right here, right now. Harpsichords, acoustic guitars, and that buttery mid-60’s nonchalance make the record easy to get hip to.

It’s interesting to note how far the band has come since “Young Folks”, the anthem to my and loads of other 20-somethings’ high school years. But, they also stay true to their unforced and instinctive sound. While always catchy, the lyrics evoke pretty nostalgic, even cerebral vibes. Peter Morén, who wrote and produced the song, gave us the skinny:

“Musically for me this album was all in going with what felt ”natural”. Not trying to re-invent the wheel or the band as we often have. Rather hark back to our earliest records, references ourselves rather then others. Since we had NOTHING to live up to, maybe we were more ‘natural’ then.”

This song is that feeling of exhilaration when everything finally lines up after ages of hitting your head against a wall, maybe to the point where you’ve reckoned giving up. But we don’t give up, we love this shit. Listen to “Living a Dream” and we’ll catch you living yours. Can you get to that? -Karina Chahal

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