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ANDREW DOHENY This isn’t the droid you are looking for

Video: Steve Thrailkill

“This isn’t the droid you are looking for”.

Oh, but it is!

Out of action for some time now due to injury, Andrew Doheny has finally returned. If you’ve ever rolled an ankle then you know how bad these fuckers hurt and how long it takes to heal. Crutches and couches for months. Ice is your new best friend (The frozen water variety of course).

Unfortunately these lower leg injuries are becoming a common by-product of today’s progressive, above the lip surfing.

Metal Neck’s Matt Tromberg has been logging some screen time at the What Youth shop lately putting the finishing touches on the latest episode of Volcom’s 4 Cities series, which features Andrew, so we knew he’s been getting back in the water a bit. As this clip will attest, one of Newport’s finest looks like he’s healing nicely.

Stay tuned for a droid’s eye view of Newps as Andrew tours the beaches and back alleys of the town What Youth also call home.


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